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Embodied Creative Coaching

Listen to find the voice within.

Your voice is your birthright, but how you use it is your choice.


Scared to create? Good so am I.

But forget good. Fuck good enough. Be bad. Make love to bad. A deep soul searching bad. Be terrible. Above all be REAL. Your true voice as an artist has nothing to do with what they think. It’s what you think and feel that matters. But how do you know what you truly think and feel?

“What we’re free to say is bound to how free we are to say it.” 

As a creative coach I will guide you to dig deeper and will help you clear any blocks holding you back from birthing your creative world into this world. It may not even be your block but your mother’s resentment stuck inside your heart or your fathers dream stuck inside your intestines. I’ve overcome block after block on my path as an artist and I long to help you overcome yours. Through drawing, movement, writing and intuiting you unleash your inner artist. I give you my eye, my candor, my power, my devotion and my inspiration. I am deeply intuitive and will hold a sacred safe space to allow for your true expression and creative magic to flow. And then with my marketing experience I will help you increase your flow out into the world to be seen and heard.

Reach out if you would like an embodied creative coaching session (available in person, skype or phone).
I have an inspiring space in Prospect Heights Brooklyn steps from the Q/2/3 train.

Jessica Sue specializes in helping artists liberate their voices to create from a place of true authenticity through personalized guidance sessions and facilitating workshops. Her experience as an accomplished artist combined with the Tamalpa Life/Art Process® combines to form the perfect elixir as an embodied creative coach. An accomplished writer, director and performer in film and TV (MTV, NBC) for the past 15 years, her work has garnered awards and shown at festivals throughout the world including Sundance. She is certified as an Advanced Teacher Trainer in Expressive Arts and Movement at Tamalpa Institute and was selected as a member of the Tamalpa alumni board. She performed in the reknowned dancer Anna Halprin’s lab and holds a MFA in Photography and Video from the School of Visual Arts. She recently co-led a Tamalpa Life Art workshop to support women’s voices. Currently she is researching and writing a new project about the legacy of voice in her Jewish lineage.